My waist line

Just ordered some new clothes, because my body is slimming down. Its this whole healthy eating concept. Who knew that not being able to eat fast food/ restaurant food/ processed food/ breads would make me lose weight. It’s fantastic! Today will be a good day :)




I really shouldn’t be looking through my dash while I’m hungry. Soooo much good food. 

I’m looking forward to some eggs and a seasoned (to perfection) chicken patty when i get home.

Have a good day :)



GF shopping

Since I’m home, to visit my mom, for the next few days, I stopped by my local Raleys and picked up some gluten free snacks. I got: 

Glutino gluten free pretzels: They’re amazing. They taste like real pretzels… I’m addicted. 

Schar chocolate hazelnut bars: they’re like oversized cookies. Not great for your body but really tasty. 

Glutino GF breakfast bars: they’re okay. Pretty much nutrigrain bars but gluten free. Not all that great… certainly not worth the 6 bucks. 

And for later, 

Envirokidz gorilla munch

Schar pasta. 

I’ll let you guys know how those go later. 




So, for the last couple of days, everything I’ve eaten has been making me sick. I’ve had diarrhea like 6 times in the last 3 days. Not really sure why; I haven’t been cheating on my gluten free diet. But, this sucks. And I feel bloated. And uncomfortable. 

GRR, when will this end?!?



The dreaded doctors appointment

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to get referred to a nutritionist that will help me learn to track the foods that I eat and possibly tell me of foods that I can eat that I haven’t thought of yet. 

Now, I hate Kaiser (my insurance). I’ve told many people that if I had a serious health problem like a heart attack, to take me to another non kaiser hospital because I wouldn’t trust Kaiser with my safety. Last time i went to see a gyno at Kaiser, they told me that I could get HPV from a toilet seat just to try to convince me to get the HPV shot…. 

This makes me really reluctant to go, but I have to because I need a note from the doctor saying that I have this problem so that my professor can give me full credit on my homework assignment. 


This sucks. 


PS I’ve been manically munching on chocolate from easter… I know I’m going to have to pay for this later, but it’s so worth it. 



Yeah, I was right. GF Trader Joe’s brownies aren’t good. Maybe they’ll be better tomorrow as left overs. The tilipia and veggies were though. 


Dinner tonight consists of seasoned tilapia and some veggies. I made some GF brownies as well, but they smell weird so I’m not keeping my hopes up. 

Dinner tonight consists of seasoned tilapia and some veggies. I made some GF brownies as well, but they smell weird so I’m not keeping my hopes up. 


So, tonight i made a quick meal. It consists of 
2table spoons of pesto
1table spoon of mayo
1/4 cup of cheese
2-3 hard boiled eggs
1can of chicken breast (roughly 3/4-1 fresh breast)
It’s delicious. Try it. 

So, tonight i made a quick meal. It consists of 

2table spoons of pesto

1table spoon of mayo

1/4 cup of cheese

2-3 hard boiled eggs

1can of chicken breast (roughly 3/4-1 fresh breast)

It’s delicious. Try it. 


Home made pasta was a bust!

So the home made pasta was a bust. The gluten free flour I bought was too doughy and not the right consistency to make it through the noodle cutter. Instead, were making mini pizzas and in the mean time, we made gluten free quinoa pasta (that my boyfriend undercooked, but wont admit…) and used pesto as a sauce. It was pretty great. 

This is a great meal that’s simple and filling. Just some gluten free pasta, and pesto. 



Hand made pasta

Today has been wondrous. I got three hours of sleep last night and then had class at 7:30 am.

When I finished for the day and got home at 11am, even though I was starvvvving, I forced myself to go upstairs and sleep.

I finally regained consciousness at about 3pm and my loving, wonderful boyfriend made me some sauteed potatoes and eggs, which were delicious. (I always thought eggs didn’t agree with my system. I’m learning that it was never the eggs, it was the bread that I ate them with.)

I haven’t really eaten since then, but my boyfriend’s friend is coming over at 9ish to make me hand made raviolis, with gluten free flour, specially for me.

Its been a good day. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out; I’m expecting it to be delicious!


P.S. I rediscovered whole foods today. WHY HAVE I FORGOTTEN HOW WONDERFUL THIS PLACE IS!?! It’s like 19x better than Trader Joes. We found gluten free flour and brownies so easily! If you’re looking for somewhere to shop, go to Whole foods. It’s a little expensive, so buy strictly gluten free foods there then hit up a Safeway or Savemart for veggies etc. There are a lot in California, but there are others in other states… find a location near you…


Today has not been a good day.

So last night after I posted, I got so hungry that I resorted to making the pizza in my freezer…. It wasn’t gluten free… It made me feel horrrrrible. 

Today, I started my day with flax seed granola that lead me to a Carl’s Jr burger without the buns and some chili cheese fries. 

I feel horrible now. So tired, fatigued, bloated, stupid, and irritated. Eating has become a challenge. 

I’m ending my crappy food day with some ice cream because I know I’ll never get to eat it again for a long time. 

Tomorrow, I’ll start fresh and eat so much better! 


P.S. You know your boyfriend is marriage material when he goes to the grocery store to specifically get food that your gluten free self can eat. That’s love. :)


My Professor

Ahh, I hate school. This is the email that I sent to my professor and her response…

To professor:

I’m sorry I can’t make it to class today. I learned over this week that I have a gluten intolerance and am still adjusting to finding products without gluten. If I do eat gluten I get horribly sick to my stomach. I think I ate gluten this morning and had an allergic reaction. I made it to campus and ended up having to leave because I felt really sick. Attached is a copy of my paper and the information to prove that I did it. If you’d like the hard copy too I can get it to you on Tuesday. 
Thank you for your understanding

Her response:

I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well.  Thanks for attempting to turn in your assignment. However, as I stated on the syllabus, I don’t accept emailed assignments, so please go ahead and print out everything and turn it in to me on Tuesday.  Please attach a doctor’s note documenting the day of and reason for your illness, so I can take that into consideration as I grade.  
I hope you feel better soon! 

To her: 

Gluten intolerance isn’t something that you go to the doctor for every time you have an episode. If that were the case, I would be in and out of the doctors office every other day. I just made a doctors appointment for the 28th of April, and that’s the soonest that I could get one. 

People are stupid. And this is frustrating. Very frustrating.


The brick

This morning I ate some hot dogs for breakfast. By the time I got to campus, I felt the brick drop in my stomach and knew I was going to get sick. I hate that feeling. I immediately turned on my car and left. This sucks. It really does. I had a mini paper to turn in today and I had to email my professor telling her that I accidently ate gluten so I cant come to class. It’s borderline embarrassing. I feel like I should have some control over this kind of stuff, but it’s like my stomach has a mind of its own. 




Today I started off my day with some flax seed granola, which, I’m convinced, is never ever going to get old. It’s still so delicious. 

Then I got so hungry that I resorted to going to my student union cafeteria and getting a chicken Ceaser salad, gluten free of course. It was painful to pass on the croutons, but I did it. And I drowned my innards with a liter and a half of water. It made my food headache go away, but I still hate spending the money on campus food. Such a rip off!

I came home after that, took a longgg nap, that I desperately needed. Got up at about 7pm and ate a couple of hotdogs, and some more water.

And now, now I’m sitting at my desk, procrastinating on writing a paper about cute stories from my childhood for my child development class. Procrastination sucks, but I am a master at it, and will overcome it eventually. I’m already yawning up a storm and my boyfriend wants me to test out a new game, that he bought me tonight, but I think I’ll be too tired to by the time I finish my paper. 

So, goodnight,



Ahhgggg, I want CARBS

You know that feeling when you eat carbs that’s so satisfying? Kind of makes you a little bit sleepy afterwards, but it’s so worth it? 

Man, I want that feeling right now. I want pasta, bread, crackers, chinese food, a flour tortilla. 

Not going to happen though. I’ve learned that by not keeping that stuff in the house, it’s easier to avoid it. If I’m at school, I leave my wallet in the car. I know my lazy ass isn’t going to walk all the way to the car and back for a burrito. Instead, it forces me to stick to my rice chips and chicken salad. 

I have to admit though, it’s been 12 days of gluten free and I feel the difference. It feels good. 

I’m currently on my period (sorry if this is too much info) and I usually get so bloated that I can see my fat hanging over my jeans. This month it hasn’t happened. I can assure you, my jeans haven’t changed… I have. 

The only problem with this diet is that my intestines are getting an overflow of fiber that it’s not used to. Fiber usually doesn’t reside in the junk food that I’m used to eating. And now that I’m eating a ton of veggies, seeds, fish, meat, and wholesome foods, my body isn’t ready to be able to process this amount of fiber. That will change over time though, hopefully. 

As for today I’ve eaten my flax seed granola mix stuff with some lactose free milk, and some brown rice pasta with shredded cheese and some margarine melted on top. 

I’ve also noticed that because I’m eating the “right foods” I don’t have the appetite that I used to. I’m not a never ending pit of doom anymore when it comes to eating. 

That my friends, is a good thing. It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time. 


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